No right and wrong in art

Will start my classes again once the virus concerns have calmed down. If you need online support with your work in the meantime please get in touch
“Each session with Ruth gives me more confidence to try new things, be daring and be creative in a wholly different way.” Andrea Sorrell
portrait class 2

Image credit Ros Mortis An art adventurer. Student’s work in Aberystwyth Arts centre class

I help people feel confident with their own unique approach to art. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, but we all need support and encouragement when learning a new skill. I enable you to find your own visual language through exercises exploring composition, colour, line, scale, and other formal painting techniques.

I also like to support your ability to trust your intuition, natural sense of what you need to do in your work through reflection, body awareness, appreciation practice and peer support.

My students feel that they are being given permission to play and be expressive.

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One to one tutoring can be arranged. My fee is £20 per hour and can be online, phone or face to face

  • Adults and teens of all abilities welcome
  • One off tutoring or long term support available
  • DBS certificate can be viewed online for parents of potential students
  • Professional artists also welcome for mentoring/professional development
  • 14 years experience of tutoring in expressive drawing

“ Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner still finding your way, Ruth’s classes are excellent; full of wonderful ideas which stimulate our imagination. There is no pressure to conform but, instead, an invitation to respond to each exercise in a personal way that suits each individual participant.” Diana Reynolds

Jude image 1

Image credit: Jude Westermann. Student exploring tracing paper layering in portrait class