Scroll down to see small original drawings and collages for sale. These will fit nicely into standard size frames or can easily be posted as special, fun, one of a kind gifts. Working small is a really important part of my drawing practice. It allows me to be portable, draw on the move and whenever I feel inspired, I can go for it. It’s nice and instant and I like the fresh results.

All works are original and the prices include free UK postage. All the following pieces are A6 in size and can be purchased for £30 each.

All images belong to the artist. Please do not reproduce, save or share in any form without prior consent from me. If you would like to purchase a licence to use my images, I will be more than happy to arrange. get in touch

Image 1 ‘Comfortable silence’ 

low res comfortable silence

Image 2 ‘I found her calendar very interesting’ SOLD

low res i found her calender very interesting

Image 3 ‘Creative choices’

low res creative choices

Image 4 ‘ A conceptual artist came to visit me. It was fun’

a conceptual artist low res

Image 5 ‘watching my favourite show’

low res my favourite show

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