Scroll down to see recent drawings from my ‘Observations from the life room’ series

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“There is a beautifully drawn chaotic dance of imagery which is attractive and can be viewed and appreciated on that level, but inside this dance there is also the feeling of some more chaotic and primal presence.” Keith Bayliss 

Low res letting go

‘Letting go’ Soft pastel collage

“I enjoyed your show loads today, I’m seeing colour everywhere.” Kim James Williams

Low res. A temple for the arts

‘A temple for the arts’ Soft pastel collage

low res together

‘Together’. Soft pastel collage

“I absolutely love it and had to let you know. It’s sensitive and intense, beautiful and assured.” Jane Parry

arts centre. coloured pencil collage.

‘Arts Centre’ Coloured pencil collage

low res The gardens

‘The gardens’ Soft pastel collage

low res muse

‘Muse’ Soft pastel collage

low res the religion of art

‘The religion of art’ soft pastel collage

Low res Call to prayer

‘Call to prayer’ Soft pastel

Hope you enjoyed! x

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