My last project, Observations from the life room is still informing my drawing practice. Take a look at some of the highlights from the show.

low res matrimony in print 2

Matrimony: A tiny little pencil drawing blown up to 1metre square

Below is a short film of an interactive drawing event in the gallery.

Drawing from music and responding to the beautiful dancer in the colourful space.

A film called Unmasking by Liz Allan and Fraser Robinson was projected onto a large sheet of paper in the gallery, and later in the theatre while the audience took thier seats. It formed an installation piece called simplicity

low res simplicity 2

simplicity installation

low res

Simplicity installation



in conv 1

In conversation with Kae Tempest while the audience drew us

ā€œ On seeing this collection of Ruth’s recent work, I am struck by it’s harmony and vibrancy – the rhythms of line and colour deceptively simple but so finely tuned, exquisite, spontaneous. It feels celebratory to me, and my response is joyful ā€
Karen Pearce

Thanks to Friends of Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Ashley Family Foundation for funding this project