‘we have art in order not to die of the truth’ Friedrich Nietzsche

All of the following works are original unframed drawings and the price includes free Uk postage. I’m happy to discuss payment plans if you would prefer to pay in instalments. Enjoy browsing but please don’t save or reproduce without chatting to me first about licences etc. 

low res me

Image 1 ‘In gorgeous company’ A4 original collage £170 

In gorgeous company A4 £170

Image 2. Small mixed media collage piece. 26 x 26 cm including dark blue mount ‘hillside poetry’ £65.

Two collage pieces, both 28 x 29 cm. Image 3 on the left, ‘witnessing’ is £70. Image 4 on the right ‘crazy about you’ is £70

Image 5 ‘listening’ 32 x 26 cm original collage £170

image 8 original collage ‘sketching by the river‘ 35 x 32 cm. £200

Image 9 ‘she arrived at home happily‘ A3 mixed media collage £90

Image 10 ‘The light of your love’ A4 mixed media collage £80

Image 11 on the left ‘ We decided to take a boat trip‘ 21 x 18.5 cm mixed media collage £60 and Image 12 on the right ‘I met him at a music festival. He was unusual‘ 21 x 19 cm mixed media collage £60

One happy customer fed back on receiving her purchase. “Looking at it made me think about how important images are in aiding our dreaming, our imagination and our hope. As you take in an image, memories, sensations are revealed. It reminds me of Chagall. Thank you”  Tessa Waite