I’m an artist and tutor based in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales

I specialise in drawing.

My landscape works can be seen in the Ruralist room in Moma Machynlleth from 21st September 2019 until 15th November as part of a two person show with Anne Ferris.

My inkworks and collage pieces can be seen in Ceredigion museum as part of an exciting group show called Stories, Quilts and a Crankie until 4th Jan 2020.  museum show

Re my recent ‘Observations from the life room’ exhibition
“ I feel you have achieved something quite extraordinary – the exhibition is warm and welcoming, it made me feel comfortable, at ease, at home, a place where I can smile. It made me feel human. “ Peter Stevenson

writing about my recent work

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a temple for the arts. soft pastel collage.